Home Health Care Services for our Disabled or Elderly Patients

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*** Disclaimer : This section is not to be used for urgent matters such as illness or injury.

Do you have an elderly or disabled loved one that needs periodic care? Do constant trips to the Doctor’s office or Hospital take their toll on you? Wouldn’t it be a convenient and easy if a specialist were to visit your home and give the medical attention your loved one needs? Island Medical Consultants Dr. Aldo Arpaia and Dr. Bart Savino are more than happy to assist you right from your home throughout our home health care service.

What benefits your loved ones will get from home health care services?
· Convenient
· Personal care and attention
· Quick response in time of emergency

Why Choose Dr. Arpaia and Dr. Savino for home health care visits?
Dr. Arpaia and Dr. Savino with a experienced team deploy Nurse Practitioners to the homes of patients utilizing effective treatment methods and latest portable equipment. Our Nurse Practitioners can communicate with our staff in real time, thus ensuring that care needed would be rendered in a timely manner.  We offer testing in home services through a network of vendors.  The patient can be seen in the comfort and safety of their home.
Our pilot program is approaching its third year and has been largely successful in patient care and satisfaction.
To learn more about our Home Care Service and to find out if it is right for you, please call on 718-727-1898.

What is meant by Home health care?
Home health care or home visits include a wide range of healthcare services that are given in the patient’s home for any injury or illness. The main objective of these services is the maintenance or restoration of health and reducing the struggle of any disability or illness.

Who is eligible for home care services?
Home care services are provided to elderly people, chronically ill people and those patients recovering from surgery and those who are disabled.

Why home visit services are important?
Majority of people cannot be able to get proper medical care because they can’t visit the doctor. Our premier home health care services are ready to address your needs. Over the past several years, some of patients have become older and getting to the office has become more difficult for them.  Due to the multitude of problems they have, many simply cannot get into the office with the frequency they would like.  Office visits, although paramount, are often difficult to arrange for the patient and family alike.
The challenge has been managing their conditions in a timely, comprehensive manner that does not sacrifice quality.  Our home care service program aims to provide that quality of care.

What services we are providing to homebound patients?
We provide the following home visit services:
· Diabetic Teaching and Management
· Cardiac Care
· Wound Care
· Pain Management
· Coordinating Short Term Care/Home
· Disease Management Programs for Chronic Medical Conditions
· Comprehensive Care Management
· Glucose Testing
· 12-lead Electrocardiogram
· Pulse Oximetry
· Holter Monitoring
· Home Sleep Studies
· Electronic Prescribing
· Drug to Drug Interaction Monitoring
· Home Blood Drawing

Who provide home visit services?
The experienced staff at Island Medical Consultants provides services to each patient by compassionate, experienced and professional medical doctors. They specialize in medical care to seniors. The regularly scheduled visits by our team members make them familiar with patient, family members and caregivers. These visits form strong relationships that ultimately results in better health for homebound patients.

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