11 Ralph Place Suite 214 Staten Island, NY 10304
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Our Practice

Island Medical Consultants is a private, community-based general internal medicine practice dedicated to providing you with quality healthcare and services. Your trust and satisfaction is what is important to us in managing your healthcare needs.

Medical Affiliations

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Patient Testimonials

  • star-rating Caring and compassionate. My son has autism and Dr A took the time and made feel at ease.

  • star-rating Overall, this office has got it together. Dr. Arpaia is a gem. A diamond in the ruff. He clearly care about me and my family and we wish him nothing but the best. I think he may be one of the best physicians NYC has to offer! Believe me I have seen them all!

  • star-ratingI have been seen in a number of clinics due to my insurance issues. Dr. Arpaia took the time for me and went through all my medical issues. I have Lupus and a blood clotting disorder, if it were not for him i likely would not be here. He discovered a blood clot in my heart and have been getting the treatment i need to breathe easier. Thanks to him i am better and grateful.

  • star-ratingI have spent several years looking for a doctor who listens and can treat me - I have a very complicated condition that requires several specialists care. He is truly remarkable Doctor. He listens and cares- he has worked extraordinarily hard coordinating my care, for that I am grateful.

  • star-ratingIf you want a competent caring doctor then his office is for you. It is clean comfortable and welcoming. I met Dr. A several weeks ago and its been a Godsend ever since. Timely evaluation cutting to the chase with a Doc who truly cares about his patients. His waiting room is full but well worth the wait as he accommodates everyone. Established patients can see him urgently- I know because I have.

  • star-ratingHe is very thorough, and he takes time, and explains everything that I asked him. He goes over all my blood work and any other test taken. I highly recommend him.

    Kaye Cerri
  • star-ratingMet Dr. Savino at Staten Island Hospital - a very friendly and kind doctor. Helpful with medical questions.

  • star-ratingI always feel the Doctor is listening and sympathetic to my needs. He has never failed to help. I recommend him highly.

    Richard Capuozzo
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