Lung related diseases are one of the most common type of medical problems in the world. The most common lung disease is asthma which can become life-threatening if not controlled properly. Do you feel any difficulty while breathing? It is important to consult Dr. Aldo Arpaia and Dr. Bart Savino at Island Medical Consultants. We will provide asthma treatment that will help get complete control over the disease.

What benefits will I get from asthma treatment at Island Medical Consultants?

  • Proper treatment according to signs and symptoms
  • Operational asthma control plan
  • Effective screening tests

Why Choose Dr. Arpaia and Dr. Savino for asthma treatment?

Board Certified Physicians Dr. Arpaia and Dr. Savino, have extensive experience in treating asthma. We will work with you to create a workable asthma control plan depending on the specific symptoms. This will help you to control the disease and also you can easily cope up with your asthma attack. Tell us more about yourself and your condition by filling out our online form or contact us for more information about our asthma treatment.

When does my body start developing asthma?

Asthma is a chronic disease of the airways that makes breathing difficult. When airways carrying oxygen to the lungs become narrow due to inflammation, asthma symptoms like shortness of breath and coughing become prominent.

Asthma attack It is a sudden worsening of your asthma symptoms such as non-stop coughing, more difficult breathing, and difficulty in talking, chest tightness, and excessive sweating.

What are the symptoms of asthma? How can I know that I am suffering from it?

You may feel some common symptoms given below:

  • Breath shortness
  • Chest pain or tightness
  • Trouble in sleeping
  • Wheezing or whistling sound when you exhale
  • Coughing attacks

You should consult the doctor immediately if you are facing these symptoms if they are getting worse, if you are having frequent severe asthma attacks and if you want to observe asthma after diagnosis.

How can I classify my asthma?

Our doctors will classify your asthma based on your symptoms. It helps them to choose the best treatment for you. These 4 categories of asthma are:

  • Mild asthma
  • Mild persistent
  • Moderate persistent
  • Severe persistent

What are the risk factors that can develop asthma?

There are certain factors that may increase your chances of developing asthma. These factors include:

  • Family history of asthma
  • Having other allergic conditions
  • Being overweight
  • Smoking
  • Exposure to secondhand smoke, exhaust fumes, or air pollution ·

Exposure to chemicals used in farming, manufacturing & hairdressing

How the doctor diagnose asthma?

In order to diagnose asthma or other possible lung conditions, we will do laboratory tests and asks you about symptoms and other health problems (if you have them). Tests will be conducted to check your lung function. Chest X-ray and CT scan of your lungs and nose will also conduct.

What can I do to prevent my asthma?

Yes, you can prevent your asthma attacks and you can learn to live with asthma:

  • Create an asthma control plan with your doctor & strictly follow it
  • Get vaccinations of flu and pneumonia
  • Identify and avoid your asthma triggers
  • Monitor your breathing
  • Take medications according to the doctor’s prescription
  • Identify and treat your attacks quickly

Use quick-relief inhaler according to the doctor’s prescription Book an appointment to see one of our award-winning Internal medicine doctors by calling (718)-727-1898 or fill out the contact form