Internal Medicine

Are you suffering from any illness, or disease that needs to be evaluated? Contact Dr. Aldo Arpaia or Dr. Bart Savino at Island Medical Consultants, who provide comprehensive primary care treatment.


Internal medicine is a medical specialty, encompasses the diagnosis, medical treatment, and care of adults across the wide spectrum from simple sicknesses to many complex illnesses. This specialty covers different conditions that affect internal body organs including the heart, lungs, brain, spinal cord, liver, kidneys, urinary tract, gastrointestinal tract, nerves, muscles, and joints.

Who is an internist?

The physician who specializes in internal medicine is known as an “Internist”. The Internist has completed a post-medical training residency of 3 years.

Who is a General internist?

If an internal medicine doctor chooses not to sub-specialize in internal medicine then he/she referred to as a “General Internist”. They practice “general internal medicine”. They handle a broad range of illnesses affecting adults, diagnose, treat and prevent chronic diseases. Their treatment is not limited to a specific organ.

What is the difference between internal medicine and family medicine?

They both are primary care doctors. The major difference between both categories is that internal medicine doctors specialize in only treating adults while family practitioners treat both children and adults.

The benefits of choosing us as your Internal Medicine care providers?

Our Board-certified physicians Dr. Arpaia and Dr. Savino have over 30 years of experience in internal medicine and handling evening the most complex cases. They provide comprehensive quality medical care to hundreds of patients in the Staten Island, Brooklyn, & New Jersey areas. You will receive: · Quality treatment with compassionate care · Advance & safe treatment · Best follow-up care procedure · Highly trained award-winning physicians Book an appointment to see one of our award-winning Internal Medicine Physicians by calling (718)-727-1898 or click here to fill out our contact form