Geriatrics Care

Finding the right caregiver for your loved one can be a challenging prospect. You just don’t need someone who is good with the medical side of things but someone who deeply cares about their patients. Dr. Aldo Arpaia and Dr. Bart Savino at Island Medical Consultants will not only bring their medical expertise but will also give you and your family the peace of mind which they so richly deserve.

What benefits your loved one will get from our geriatrics and elder care service?

  • Personalized & empathetic services
  • The customized treatment plan for every individual
  • Easy accessibility in time of emergency

Why Choose Dr. Arpaia and Dr. Savino for geriatrics and elder care services?

At Island Medical Consultants, Board Certified Physicians Dr. Arpaia and Dr. Savino with their team of experienced and professional medical practitioners bring geriatrics and elder care services to you at home. Our medical practitioners communicate with the patient and family members in a personalized manner and create a customized treatment plan according to each patient’s needs and want. To learn more about our geriatrics care management service please call us at 718-727-1898.

What is meant by geriatrics and elder care?

Geriatrics and elder care is the process to plan and coordinate the healthcare services of older, disabled adults having mental or physical impairments. This care is tailored to meet each individual care needs, to improve their quality of life, and to maintain their independence. We provide these services by specially trained and experienced healthcare professionals.

How do you know that geriatrics and elder care is the right option for you?

We are giving some features below which will help and guide you to make your decision:

When you need elder care services:

You might need elder care services if one or more than one situation happens with you:

  • When care needs increase due to failing health.
  • When immediate medical care increases due to an emergency.
  • When family situations change such as loss of spouse or caregiver, or adult children moving away.
  • When it affects you if you have children and other family responsibilities.

If these scenarios sound familiar to you then Island Medical Consultants will be the right choice for geriatrics patient care.

How elder care services help you:

We will provide you a wide range of services. They can be divided into three categories:

  • Assessment of the medical, mental, family, housing, and social conditions of an older adult.
  • Creation of a customized care plan on the basis of assessment.
  • Ongoing management of the care plan.

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