Improve Your Elderly Loved One’s Quality Of Life With Geriatrics Care Management

If your elderly loved one needs to live alone or independent or may be in some nursing home then you may be worried about taking that important decision. Different types of questions start coming into your mind such as which place will be right for your mom or dad, what kind of medical care they need going forward or can they or you will afford it? That is the point where Geriatric Care Manager can help you and relieve your stress by helping you in making elder care-giving decisions; navigating the elder care system and supervising home care services. Care for the elders is most important concern of every one of us and we all want to find best place for them because the consequences of taking a wrong decision can be massive, both financially and emotionally. The Geriatric Care Manager deals with everything such as diet and nutrition, finding right doctors and placing your loved one in right facility.

Here’s what you need to know about Geriatric Care Management, purpose of Geriatric Care Management, services and responsibilities of Geriatric Care Managers:

What is meant by Geriatric Care Management?

Geriatric Care Management is also known as elder care management, professional care management and senior healthcare management. It is the process of planning and then coordinating the care of the elderly people having any physical or mental impairment in order to meet their long term care needs, improve quality of their life and maintain their independence for long time period. It involves working with the older adults and their family members to manage, deliver and refer different types of health and social care services. Geriatrics Care Managers accomplish these goals by combining their working knowledge of health and psychology, the human development, family dynamics, funding sources and public and private resources, while assisting the families of older adults.

Geriatric Care Management is proactive approach to healthcare that also reduces and prevents the risk of hospitalizations, admissions to nursing homes and healthcare costs.

Why would you need Geriatric Care Management?

Geriatric Care Management is helpful for those caregivers who live at long distances and also helpful for anyone who need some extra help and guidance in caring the elderly who experiences physical or mental problems. It is the best way to help the families and their ill loved ones cope up with the serious issues. A Geriatric Care Manager also help elderly and their families in making the decision about aging, which includes the assistance of long-term care in all aspects, whether at home or in nursing facility or assisted living facility. If changes start occurring in health or lives of your loved ones which require special care and services then Geriatric Care Management may help you a lot.

Generally, Geriatric Care Management should be availed when:

  • Family members or relatives or friends are under stress as caregivers
  • Older persons, usually over the age of 75 with various health conditions, physical and mental diseases and disabilities that cause impairment and frailty
  • Family members and patients feel trouble in getting various complex treatments from different healthcare professionals for multiple health problems

What is a Geriatric Care Manager and what are the services or responsibilities of Geriatric Care Managers?

Geriatric Care Managers are healthcare professionals who come from diverse backgrounds, such as nursing, social work, gerontology, psychology and other healthcare areas. They specialize in elder care issues and are trained to help the family care givers. They listen to you and your loved one’s concerns and visit the home and recommend the right options for improved quality of life, healthcare services and cost control.

A Geriatric Care Manager is responsible for coordinating elder care services to meet the emotional, social, physical and healthcare needs of the elderly. As these managers do not specialize in all areas, so it is necessary to find out whether a particular care manager has expertise and experience in dealing with the needs of specific patient.

The services or responsibilities of Geriatric Care Manager include:

Conducting in-person assessment:

The Geriatric Care Manager conducts in-person thorough assessment in order to understand your specific needs and then customizes a care plan depending on the assessment and performs services that are specifically aimed to meet the needs. The interview questions cover a wide range of issues which are relevant to the health condition and living situation of your loved one. These issues may include everyday activities, physical health status, nutritional status, mental health status, depression, memory problems, complete medical history, insurance and finances.

Making a care plan:

After conducting the thorough assessment, the Geriatric Care Manager devises a complete care plan which is based on the results of the assessment and includes the specific needs of the older adult and details of all the services which they will be going to offer to the elderly. The care manager then explains the care plan to the families of elder people.

Arranging the services:

A Geriatric Care Manager tailors the services that are provided and arranged according to the needs identified in care plan. Some of these services include:

  • Crisis intervention, counseling and support
  • Education and advocacy of the consumer, financial management, referrals and decisions about appropriate housing options
  • Assistance with moving older adult to or from different types of housing
  • Advising families on the power of attorney or other guardianship issues
  • Serving as a liaison for families living at a distance
  • Making sure that things are going well and alerting the families about the problems

Monitoring the needs:

Regular monitoring is essential when the services and arrangements have placed for the older adults and their families. Frequent re-evaluations can make necessary adjustments in the care plan. The Geriatric Manager continuously monitors the capabilities and functions of your loved one with the passage of time. This evaluation and monitoring improves the quality of life of your loved one and even yours as well.

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