Benefits Of Home Health Care Services

Do you have a family member or relative or friend who is chronically ill, disabled or elderly and whom you are caring? If so then you are not alone. According to National Family Caregivers Association, around 50 million Americans experience enormous personal, financial and health care demands of caring for their loved one other than themselves, who is ill, disabled or elderly. It usually happens that huge demands and pressure of providing the best health care can create difficulty for caregiver resulting in emotional, mental and physical exhaustion. You may face this type of situation while taking decisions of caring when you don’t get the help that you actually need and you are trying to do much more than you are able to. Fortunately, Home Health Care services or home care services can help you and your loved one. Home Health Care is the safe and affordable solution that gives you full support and allows your loved ones to get complete medical care while living in the comfort of their own homes.

What is meant by Home health care?

Home Health Care is also known as Home Visit Services which includes various medical services given to the ill, disabled or elderly patient in this/her own home for any illness or injury. The main goal of Home Health Care services is to ensure that the patient receives high quality, compassionate and personal care and it is designed to fulfill these needs by offering a personalized care service conveniently at patient’s home.

What benefits you will get with Home Health Care services?

With the advancement in modern medical technology, a wide range of medical services can be done at home that was only available at hospitals. It has been observed that the treatment given in comfort of the place where we live is very much effective and it is becoming most satisfying form of the health care.

If you are caring for your loved one then we invite you to further read about various benefits that you and the patient can get from Home Health Care services:

  • Think about ‘HOME’:

Almost all of us associate positive feelings with our homes, especially when we are not feeling well we prefer to take complete rest at home.  Other forms of health care whether staying at hospital or nursing home or visiting clinic for the treatment; it greatly increases our level of stress and anxiety, especially those who are disabled or older adults. On the other hand, Home Visit Services provides the comfort of being at home while getting complete treatment that focuses on relief and recovery.

  • Keeps elderly independent:

No one wants to be dependent on others or feel helpless especially older people. Home Visit Services improve the independence of elderly people while focusing on safety as top priority.

  • Skilled nursing care at home:

Home Visit Services are provided by experienced, skilled, capable, certified, licensed nurses who have thorough knowledge about the proper use of highly-advanced medical equipment. Home Visit Services are aimed to provide treatment of complex diseases or problems for homebound patients.

  • Management of medication:

It can be really confusing to remember or take record of, if your loved one taking multiple prescription medications. So, home care professionals ensure that the patient takes right medication at the right time that controls the health conditions and prevents any harmful drug interactions.

  • Involvement in care delivered:

The medical professionals taught the patient and his/her family members to participate in patient’s health care in home. The patients are taught that how they can get well and how to stay healthy.

  • Companionship:

It has been observed that older adults stay healthy with social interactions. So, home care professionals become trusted friends to your loved one while giving company for walking, reading, playing cards, games, watching movies, cooking meals and different social interactions. Accompaniment on medical appointments, grocery shopping and other activities all are added benefits.

  • Full time help & support:

If you are a caregiver living at large distance to your loved one then Home Health Care professionals give you piece of mind. They are trained and fully qualified to assess the safety risks and then make simple corrections in the home whether it be placing rug on slippery floor or giving recommendations for any ambulatory assistance.

  • Supports activities of daily living (ADLs):

Home Visit Services allow the elderly to receive support for activities of daily living with that personal care which they actually need while preserving their dignity and maintaining good quality of life. The activities of daily living for which assistance is provided include grooming, bathing medication reminders etc.

  • Support with nutrition and diet:

Elderly over the age of 65 years, those experiencing chronic medical conditions and those who have recently discharged from hospital or nursing facility are likely to have high risk of malnutrition. Moreover, aging, illness, injury and bed rest also contribute to loss of lean body mass (it is amount of body weight that isn’t fat). Home Visit Services focuses on nutritional counseling and various home-cooked meals that collectively protect your loved one from malnutrition.

  • Less expensive:

Home Health Care is less expensive as compared to other forms of health care. Usually, it costs one-tenth of hospitalization cost and one-fourth of nursing homes cost for dealing comparable health diseases and problems.

  • Life is extended:

It has been observed that people who receive Home Visit Services tend to live longer with a better quality of life. Home Health Care not only helps to add years to life but it also adds “life to years”.

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