What Are Some Best Ways For Weight Loss Without Dieting?

For achieving the goal of weight loss, it becomes difficult to stick to a regimented diet and exercise plans for long time periods. So, is it possible to reduce weight without doing dieting and exercise? And the answer is…

Yes, there are some best ways that help to lose weight and to maintain a healthy weight in the future. In today’s article, we highlight some of the most effective techniques that people can use to lose their weight without dieting or exercise.


What are some ways to lose weight without dieting?

The most effective ways or methods for weight loss with dieting and exercising include:

  • Time Your Meals
  • Sleep More and Weigh Less
  • Serve More and Eat Lots of Veggies
  • Serving More Soup, Weight Comes Off
  • Take Some Whole Grains
  • Avoid the Bacon
  • Build a Healthier Slice of Pizza
  • Reduce Sugar Intake
  • Limit Alcohol
  • Choose Green Tea
  • Prefer Red Sauces
  • Be Meatless More Frequently
  • Chew a Strong Mint Gum
  • Check your Skinny Clothes
  • Use a Tall, Skinny Glass
  • Try Yoga
  • Eat at Home
  • Try the ‘Eating Pause’
  • Buy Smaller Dishes
  • Go For Right Food Portions
  • Follow the 80-20 Rule
  • Check Food Portions At Restaurant
  • Activities to Burn More 100 Calories


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Set a Time for your Meals:

When you start your meal, set the time for 20 minutes and go for slow eating. This habit is one of the best among others for losing weight without various complicated diet plans. Enjoy every bite thoroughly within the set time. When you eat paced meals in smaller portions, they give you great pleasure and also trigger the fullness hormones of the body. When you eat your food quickly, your stomach does not have enough time to tell your brain that it is full and this leads to overeating.


Sleep Extra and Weigh Less:

According to research conducted at the University of Michigan, if a person sleeps an extra hour every night, it could help him/her in dropping 14 pounds in one year. The research further reveals that a person can effortlessly cut off the calories up to 6% when sleep replaces the idle activities. However, results would differ for every individual, but sleep helps in an additional way, too. There is also evidence that sleeping fewer than 7 hours increases your appetite and makes you unusually hungry.


Serve More and Eat Lots of Veggies:

It is recommended that serving three different vegetables in dinner instead of only one helps a person in losing weight. Variety in food tricks people to eat more and eating different fruits and veggies is one of the best ways to lose weight. This is due to the reason that the high water content and fiber fill up a person with lesser calories. Try to cook the vegetables without the extra fat and choose the seasoning of herbs and lemon juice rather than the high-fat dressings or sauces.


Serve More Soup:

Brothy soups help to fill you up on lesser calories. Having soup at the start of the meal helps to slow your eating, control your appetite. You can start by taking a broth (low-sodium) or a canned soup then add some fresh/frozen veggies and boil. Avoid having creamy soups because they may contain calories and fat.


Take Some Whole Grains:

You can also include whole grains that include barley, oats, brown rice, whole wheat, and buckwheat in your weight loss plan. Adding these to your meals helps in filling you up with lesser calories and improving your cholesterol level, as well.


Avoid Bacon:

Skip those 2 strips of bacon that you normally eat at breakfast or lunch because this simple step helps you to save about 100 calories that lead you to reduce weight up to 10 pounds over a year. For sandwiches, you can try other delicious options such as banana peppers, tomato slices, roasted red bell peppers, or grainy mustard.


Build a Healthier Pizza Slice:

A healthier pizza slice includes vegetable toppings in place of meat and with this; you can cut off 100 calories from a meal. The other options include reduced-fat cheese or less cheese and a bread-like base that is made with a little bit of olive oil.


Reduce Sugar Intake:

By replacing one soda drink with water or zero-calorie seltzer, you cut back around ten teaspoons of sugar. To add a flavor or just for fun, add lemon or mint or frozen strawberries.


Limit Alcohol:

Whenever there is an event, your first drink should be a nonalcoholic, low-caloric such as sparkling water rather than directly taking beer, cocktail, or wine. Alcohol contains more calories in one gram as compared to carbohydrates or proteins.


Choose Green Tea:

Intake of green tea is another best strategy for weight loss. It is suggested by some studies that green tea can stimulate the calorie-burning function of the body temporarily. This can be possible due to phytochemicals, that are called catechins.


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Prefer Red Sauces:

Select marinara sauce for pasta rather than the Alfredo sauce. This is due to the fact that tomato-based sauces contain fewer calories and less fat than the cream-based sauces. But still, the portion size remains important. So, the portion of pasta should be one cup or as the size of a tennis ball.


Be Meatless More Frequently:

Eating vegetables and vegetarian meals more frequently is the top slimming habit. It has been observed that vegetarians have less weight than meat eaters. There are various reasons for this and one of the most important of them is the “legumes”. Lentil soup, bean burgers, and other tasty legume-based foods contain high fiber content. Also, this nutrient fills you up with fewer calories.


Chew a Strong Mint Gum:

When you feel that you may have a snack attack, try chewing sugarless gum that has a strong flavor. There are many dangerous scenarios for a mindless snacking such as while making dinner after work, watching TV, enjoying at a party or surfing the internet. Gum with a strong flavor punch overpowers the taste of other foods making them not to taste good.


Check your Skinny Clothes:

Hang any of your favorite old dresses or skirts or jeans in a place where you’ll see them every day. Preferably, choose an item that is a little bit snug and keep your eyes closely on this reward. By doing this practice, you’ll be able to reach your goal in a relatively short time.


Try Using Tall, Skinny Glasses:

You can cut the calories in liquids and lose your weight without dieting by using tall, thin glasses rather than short, wide tumblers. In this way, you’ll drink 25% to 30% less of any drink. How can this technique works? Actually, visual signals can trick people into eating/drinking in large or small amounts.


Try Yoga:

It has been observed in a study that women who perform yoga usually have less weight than others. Why is that so? Those who do yoga reported that they become more conscious about eating. For instance, they are aware of the large portions of meals in restaurants, but they eat adequately to make them feel full. According to researchers, the yoga regulars develop a restful self-awareness in them through yoga that helps them to resist the overeating.


Eating at Home:

The top habit of successful weight losers is that they eat those meals that are home-cooked. They used to eat these meals for 5 days every week.


Try the ‘Eating Pause’:

Most individuals have the habit of “eating pause”, means that they drop their fork for fewer minutes. You need to catch this moment by avoiding to take other bites. This technique helps you to know that when you are full, yet not overfilled.


Buy Smaller Dishes:

One of the best ways to automatically eat less is to select a lunch plate of 10 inches rather than a dinner plate of 12 inches. It has been observed in various tests that when people serve with bigger dishes, they eat more. So, you need to eat in smaller plates or bowls if you want to cut off 100-200 calories in one day and 10-20 pounds in one year.


Go For Right Food Portions:

Slim people always stick with their food portions moderately at all the meals. Slim people and successful weight losers do this technique. At the start, you can measure the portions and after that, it becomes automatic.


Follow the 80-20 Rule:

Although Americans are accustomed to keep eating until they are satiated, people living in Okinawa eat until they are 80% full. They give a name to this naturally slimming habit – Hara Hachi Bu. Likewise; we can also follow this technique by serving up 20% less food.


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Check Food Portions At Restaurant:

As the restaurant foods are shockingly calorific, so you need to consider below given special orders that help you to keep the food portions under control:

  • Divide the main course of a meal with a colleague/friend.
  • Order the appetizer in place of a meal.
  • Pick the child’s plate.
  • Get the half meal in your doggie bag before it is brought to your table.
  • For the right balance, complement the main course with some extra salad: it means that veggies fill up your half plate.


Activities to Burn More 100 Calories:

Follow any of these activities for losing 10 pounds in one year without any dieting and burning an additional 100 calories each day:

  • Walk around 1 mile for around 20 minutes.
  • Jog for 10 minutes.
  • Trim the lawn for around 20 minutes.
  • Tug plant flowers or weeds for 20 minutes.
  • Clean your house for at least 30 minutes.



It’s the time to celebrate – when you completely avoided the soda water or simply spend the whole day without being overfilled. Now, you are going to adopt such a lifestyle that helps every one of us to reduce the weight without complicated or crazy dieting routine.